[Youth Team - Game 9] Belgrano - Independiente

Belgrano Youths made light work of Independiente Youths as they beat them comfortably in two of the three matches. The 5th division match ended in a draw. Results:

4th Division: Belgrano 3 - 0 Independiente

Goals: Maidana (B), Sorasio (B), Landa (B)

5th Division: Belgrano 0 - 0 Independiente

Goals: Vazquez (B), Churin (B)

6th Division: Belgrano 2 - 0 Independiente

Goals: Silva (B), Amaya (B)

[Youth Team - Game 8] Racing Club - Belgrano

Belgrano Youths travelled to Avellaneda to face a strong opposition in Racing Club Youths. Despite having the odds against them, Belgrano managed to get two draws while losing out the remaining game. Results:

4th Division: Racing Club 1 - 1 Belgrano

Goals: Sanchez Sotelo (R), Ramos (B)

5th Division: Racing Club 0 - 0 Belgrano

Goals: none

6th Division: Racing Club 4 - 2 Belgrano

Goals: Respuela (R), Perez (R), Mango (R), Rivero (R), Ortiz (B), Lujan (B)

Updates back in June !

Due to a number of urgent and non-urgent matters we have been unable to keep up with the blog during the last month or so. Fortunately, I will be able to resume the updates from June so do pay us a visit in the next weeks. We'll try to keep this page updated regularly in the future so visitors from around the world get the latest news, updates and match reports on Belgrano de Cordoba.

[Youth Team - Game 7] Belgrano - Huracan

Belgrano and Huracan shared the points in their last encounter. While Huracan snatched a narrow win in the 4th division, Belgrano trashed Huracan in the 5th and were held to draw in the 6th division. Results:

4th Division: Belgrano 0 - 1 Huracan

Goals: Vizcarra (H)

5th Division: Belgrano 4 - 1 Huracan

Goals: Pereyra (B), Canelo (B), Vazquez (B), Rodriguez (B), De Federico (H)

6th Division: Belgrano 0 - 0 Huracan

Goals: none

[Youth Team - Game 6] Defensa y Justicia - Belgrano

The teams travelled to Buenos Aires to face Defensa y Justicia and there were plenty of goals in most of the matches. Belgrano returned home unbeaten in all three divisions. Results:

4th Division: Defensa y Justicia 1 - 1 Belgrano

Goals: Carrasco (DyJ), Echevarria (B)

5th Division: Defensa y Justicia 4 - 4 Belgrano

Goals: Kesseler (DyJ), Kesseler (DyJ), Rodriguez (DyJ), Lopez (DyJ), Vazquez (B), Vazquez (B), Pereyra (B), Vazquez (B)

6th Division: Defensa y Justicia 1 - 4 Belgrano

Goals: Pereyra (DyJ), Amaya (B), Martinez (B), Altamirano (B), Amaya (B)