Belgrano transfer market activity nears end

With the signings of Cuevas, Pachecho, Chmill, Frangipane, Lux, Cardenas and Becerra, the coach Dalcio Giovagnoli has now only one remaining spot to fill. Cuevas, a high-profile signing due to his former past as Talleres player, fills the much-needed centre-forward role. The much-loved Frangipane has come back to the club after spending an year with Deportivo Cali in Colombia. The addition of Pacheco and Cardenas will strenghten the team weakest areas, central midfield and left-back respectively. Chmill didn't play much during the last year at Gimnasia y Esgrima (Jujuy) but he adds depth to the squad. The board decided to make an important offer to Lux, a player whose experience and ascendancy is considered vital. Finally, Leandro Becerra comes from a spell in Atletico Rafaela and will also add depth to the midfield.

These signings and the fact that they have all been signed before the pre-season training started last monday have sent the fans hopes high and there is excitement all around the Belgrano camp. Some of these signings have Primera Division experience, others have impressed in recent years and a few have yet to make an impact. Having said all that, it will be the coach's task to turn these and the remaining players from last season into a solid unit capable of challenging for the title and promotion to Primera.

We've got coach!

Dalcio Giovanoli became the new Belgrano coach after a long day of negotiations ended with an agreement between both parties. Giovagnoli, whose last coaching spell was at Chacarita Juniors, defines himself as a versatile coach and is said to favour a 3-4-1-2 formation. He declared himself delighted about this opportunity and vowed to rebuild the team with the addition of experienced players. He finally acknowledged that promotion was the only acceptable result in Belgrano.

The appointment of Giovagnoli was received with mixed feelings among Belgrano fans. It was not the high-profile coach many were expecting (in fact, so low a profile that we couldn't find his photo) and his coaching career isn't particularly impressing. Besides, many believe that he may lack the strong grip and personality needed to coach at our club. Although there is the positive feeling that always comes with a new coach, many argue that a bad start of the season may put him under a lot of pressure. We remain mildly optimistic about the new coach and hope he is able to work wonders for Belgrano.

Giunta deal is off

It is really hard to believe but things like these seem to only happen at our club. After announcing to the press that he was the new Belgrano coach, Giunta went back on his word (and a pre-contract) and told the Belgrano chiefs that he wouldn't be able to sign. He mentioned familiar problems as the reason. Yet, nobody seems to understand why didn't he thought of those problems when he was agreeing the deal. Needless to say, the directors at Belgrano were furious.

The whole situation was badly handled since neither Giunta nor the Belgrano board should have announced the news prior to the signing of the contract. We echo the disappointment of both the club and the fans who were eager to have Giunta working with our team. Belgrano are now back to where they started and they better sign a coach soon because we need to plan ahead.

Giunta unveiled as new coach

Giunta appointed as new coach

After accepting the resignation of Mario Gomez, Belgrano didn't waste any time in choosing the new man for the job. Surprisingly, the board decided to break their selection policy from recent years and reached a quick a decision that saw Giunta become the new coach. In appointing Giunta, the board has taken a bit of a gamble. The former Boca midfielder has significant experience coaching small clubs in the lower divisions but has never taken on a challenge this big. He knows that there is only one goal here, and that is to promote. A rustic and perennial motivator as a player, Giunta has shown that he is able to infuse his players with the motivation and desire needed to achieve great goals. We hope that he will be able to bring this to our club.

Speaking to the media yesterday, he stressed his commitment to the Belgrano cause and suggested he may yet need some of the players that were being considered for release by the board. He also hinted at the possibility of new signings and confirmed that they would choose a quiet and isolated place for the preseason.