Looking ahead

With the relegation to second division consumated, Belgrano bosses and the coaching staff are working together to assemble the new squad for the forthcoming season. Several players, including Jorge Cervera, JJ Serrizuela and Ezequiel Medran, have had their loans terminated by the club. Matias Donnet and Marcelo Delgado, some of the most notable underperformers, have still 6 months remaining on their contracts but everything suggests they will have their contracts terminated. Other players have been released on free transfers and other will be loaned out. Belgrano are interested in renewing the contracts of 4 players -Juan Daniel Caceres, Miguel Martinez, Matias Oyola and Andres Yllana- although the cases are different. While both Caceres and Martinez are close to signing a new deal, Oyola will probably return to River Plate and Andres Yllana is seriously considering retirement. A big question mark hangs on the future of paraguayan forward Marco Antonio Lazaga, a promising striker who didn't play a single entire match during this season.

On the other hand, the head coach, Francisco Ferraro, will decide on a list of potential transfers next monday. We will be posting more news and rumours as soon as they become available.

Belgrano relegated

Belgrano were relegated to the Argentine Second Division despite winning 3-0 against Banfield. Nueva Chicago and Godoy Cruz will play promotion legs against teams from the Second Division. It's sad news for the fans but we have the will and desire to bounce back next year. We'll be back.

Waiting for the miracle

That is what we need today. To have a chance of avoiding direct relegation Belgrano must win in their clash against Banfield and both players and fans will eagerly await the result between Newells and Nueva Chicago since a Newells defeat will send Belgrano packing. There is optimism, the fans will fill the stadium as always but unfortunately our chances hinge on what will happen elsewhere. Belgrano have fought through and come out victorious on many other occassions in the past and we all hope there is another epic page to be written in our glorious history. Come on guys, do it for the fans. We deserve it!

[Youth Team - Game 12] Newells - Belgrano

The last two fixtures saw Belgrano Youths pick only two points out of 18 and they needed to start racking up the points again. They did just that against Newells and remained unbeaten through all three matches. Results:

4th Division: Newells 0 - 0 Belgrano

Goals: none

5th Division: Newells 0 - 1 Belgrano

Goals: Pereyra (B)

6th Division: Newells 3 - 4 Belgrano

Goals: Ortega (N), Falcone (N), Ortega (N), Amaya (B), Silva (B), Martinez (B), Amaya (B)

Boca Juniors 1 - 0 Belgrano

Belgrano were beaten by an alternative Boca Juniors side (the main players had been rested to play the final of the Copa Libertadores). This defeat meant that our hopes of avoiding direct relegation were left hanging by a thread. Bruno Marioni scored the only goal of the match. Belgrano looked lost and beaten during the first half and were unable to create anything in the second half. A woeful performance from the boys who don't really look to be deserving of the illustrious Belgrano shirt right now. Only one match to go. It will take a miracle to stay up.

Man of the match: Battaglia (BOC)
Attendance: not supplied

[Youth Team - Game 11] Belgrano - River Plate

Belgrano Youths had a difficult clash against River Plated Youths. Despite their home advantage, Belgrano could only manage to get two draws losing out the third match. Results:

4th Division: Belgrano 0 - 3 River Plate

Goals: Sotomayor (RP), Campo Dominguez (RP), Valor (RP)

5th Division: Belgrano 2 -2 River Plate

Goals: Pereyra (B), Villegas (B), Coronel (RP), Buba (RP)

6th Division: Belgrano 0 - 0 River Plate

Goals: none

Bolatti linked with Porto

Recent rumours have linked the cultured Belgrano midfielder with Porto FC by stating that the portuguese club had made an offer for the player. Bolatti had been subject to transfer speculation during the last transfer market attracting the interest of giants Boca Juniors, River Plate and Juventus. The Belgrano chairman dismissed those rumours stating that Bolatti would stay until the end of the season. Now that the time has arrived, it seems Bolatti won't be a Belgrano player for much longer. Other clubs that have shown interest are Racing de Santander, Murcia and Independiente. Whatever the outcome of the negotiations, we are sure that Bolatti would be a quality signing for any European club.

Belgrano facing uphill relegation battle

Even if Belgrano win the remaining two matches in the Clausura, they are not granted to stay in Primera Division. With Quilmes already relegated, the remaining place will be decided between Belgrano, Nueva Chicago and Godoy Cruz. Belgrano have a very difficult away fixture against Boca Juniors and finish against Banfield in Cordoba. The positives are that there are still chances and that Belgrano has always managed to overcome even the fiercest of obstacles. This is the Belgrano mystic. It is a long shot, but our players and fans are iron-willed and our determination and grit will keep us up!

[Youth Team - Game 10] Boca Juniors - Belgrano

Belgrano Youths travelled to Buenos Aires to face Boca Juniors Youths. Belgrano didn't do much to revert the odds as they were thoroughly beaten by superior Boca divisions. Results:

4th Division: Boca Juniors 2 - 0 Belgrano

Goals: not supplied

5th Division: Boca Juniors 3 - 1 Belgrano

Goals: not supplied

6th Division: Boca Juniors 3 -1 Belgrano

Goals: not supplied