This blog is dedicated to my beloved team: Club Atletico Belgrano, or CAB, or simply, Belgrano. Belgrano is a club from Cordoba, Argentina whose existence dates back to 1905. The club supports a diverse range of disciplines although football has been almost exclusively its main activity. Belgrano has undoubtedly the largest fan base in Cordoba and one of the largest in Argentina. The supporters are usually known as Los Piratas (The Pirates) or Los Celestes. The name of the blog (which translated into English would make something like The Pirate Ship) makes reference to the previous name and is often recalled when the team goes out to the football pitch to play. Throughout a century-long history, the club has had its ups and downs. In the last few years, however the club has been going through a new process which has seen its fortune improve both on and off the pitch. Wait a minute...You may think this is the same old story with all clubs in the world so why you should even bother to become a supporter let alone read about Belgrano? Because of this: our mystic. In due time I will tell stories here that will surprise you. I will let you feel that mystic. You will see how many times we were battered, dead and buried and yet we managed to come out on top and grow stronger. This would not have been possible without the extraordinary and marvelous dedication of every single one of us: Los Piratas. This is why Belgrano is different. The mystic is intact and growing ever stronger. Let me share the past, present and future of this fantastic club with all of you.


Anonymous said...

I´m so glad to find this blog in english completely dedicated to one of the most important things in my life... you know what i mean, thats Belgrano de Córdoba.

Thanks for your job. I usually participate in the forum of "portalceleste", and i think you do so as well. My nickname is Gallego and i promise to visit your blog every time i can.

Thanks again dude!!! Well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Leviathan. Good job! What are you doing right there?

Dr Leviathan said...

Thanks for the comments guys! This idea of a fan page in English had been in my mind for a while and finally I could start this blog. I hope it will grow and that this will be a channel for making our beloved Belgrano known to the world.

I am currently living and studying in Nottingham, United Kingdom. I hope this page will continue to exist for a long time even when I come back to Cordoba. It is an effort to maintain and that is why I appreciate your comments, suggestions and critics.

Keep in touch! See ya

Anonymous said...

Good job man!!! Continua con este trabajo, es realmente de gran valor tener una pagina en ingles, adelante compañero.