Round 32

Talleres - Belgrano

a.k.a. "The Derby"

Stadium: Olimpico de Cordoba
Saturday: 03 May 2008, 16:30
Referee: Sergio Pezotta
Odds: -
Previous: Belgrano 0 - Talleres 1
Key Players: Borghello (T), Suarez (B)
Recent History: Belgrano won 5, Talleres won 3 and 3 were drawn.
Prediction: We win no matter what

Progress Chart - Round 31

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Belgrano 1 - 1 Aldosivi

Bustos scored in the last minute (Photo source: La Voz)

Belgrano squandered yet another chance to shorten the gap with second-placed Godoy Cruz after a poor 1-1 draw against Aldosivi. In truth, it could have been worse for Belgrano since they were down a goal since the 48 minute and only found the equalizer within extra time. But it was another poor showing from our team and it is a worrying sign going into the final rounds of the tournament. More to follow...

Goals: Cajaravilla (A), Bustos (B)
Attendance: 18000

Round 31

Belgrano - Aldosivi

Stadium: Gigante de Alberdi
Saturday: 26 April 2008, 15:00
Referee: Alejandro Toia
Odds: 1.66 (H), 3.42 (D), 5 (A)
Previous: Aldosivi 2 - Belgrano 0
Key Players: Suarez (B), Martinez (A)
Recent History: Last three matches were won by the home team
Prediction: Belgrano 2 - Aldosivi 0

It's all but done: Suarez is going to Belgium

The Suarez transfer saga will be finally over today with the closing of the bidding window. "There is no chance for Matias to go elsewhere. He is going to Belgium" said his agent Cristian Colazzo when asked yesterday. He also added that the player and RSC Anderlecht have agreed on the contract and that Suarez is expected to join his new club by the 24th of June. Colazzo also noted that no other club held talks with Suarez over a potential contract and played down the interest from other clubs. It was also revealed that Suarez had explicitly asked to stay to help Belgrano secure promotion and join Anderlecht only after promotion legs, should them be needed, are over.

Suarez will join RSC Anderlecht (Photo source: LMCBA)

As the judge turned down the petition to extend the bidding window, the deadline stands at 1 pm today (Argentinian time). According to judicial procedures, the official announcement will be made the day after the close of the bidding period. In light of these recent developments, it is improbable that any party would go back on their words so the deal will surely go ahead. The 1.2m euros transfer will give a financial boost to Belgrano and allow Matias to develop his inmense talent in a top European club. We wish Matias all the best at his new club and will be eternally grateful for his passion and commitment.

Almagro 0 - 1 Belgrano

Suarez had a quiet game (Photo source: OLE)

Belgrano fostered their chances of a direct promotion after recording an unlikely win against Almagro. Despite Belgrano being the dominant force in the opening minutes, they were second best throughout the match. Almagro were strong on the ball and created several chances but were squandered one after another. Belgrano, in the meantime, resorted to counterattacking; their only two chances in the first half came that way. The half closed and the draw sounded about right since both teams had opportunities to open the score. A very determined Almagro side came out for the second half while Belgrano inexplicably gave up their attacking intentions. Matters took a turn for the worse when Turus received his second yellow and left the team down to ten men. Belgrano then decided to sit back and try to weather the storm. The away team frustrated Almagro time after time and were lucky to get a free kick in the dying moments. Suarez delivered a perfect cross that man-of-the-match Lollo headed into the net showing great anticipation. Almagro were left ruing their missed chances and they certainly didn't deserve to lose but Belgrano wanted none of it. They had won an important game and the players were ecstatic. So are we fans.

Goals: Lollo (B).
Sent off: Turus (B)
Attendance: 5000

Belgrano unveil expansion plans

Belgrano have finally unveiled the plans for stadium expansion. The works will start in 30 days and will last for around 9-12 months. Although it is intended to be an all-around makeover, the main structural modification is the modification of one of the side stands. The expansion will increase the capacity by 7600 by adding a new upper layer to the existing terraces. The process will mainly consists of two stages. In the first stage, new state-of-the-art VIP facilities will be built on top of the lower stands. Later, a large upper stand will be appended to the existing taking the capacity of that sector to around 9000 and the overall capacity to 30000.

The design has already been presented to the judge and planning permission has been obtained. Our stadium will finally get a much-needed expansion and revamp. With the new capacity and other safety measures that are also planned, the stadium will be in perfect condition to host First Division matches next year, that is, in case Belgrano win promotion to the top-flight.

Round 30

Almagro - Belgrano

Stadium: Almagro
Monday: 21 April 2008, 21:00
Referee: Eduardo Gutierrez
Odds: not available
Previous: Belgrano 2 - Almagro 0
Key Players: Bustos (B), Lobos (A)
Recent History: Belgrano won 4 and Almagro only 2 from the last six
Prediction: Almagro 1 - Belgrano 1

Belgrano 1 - 1 Platense

Suarez was in great form but it was not enough

FULL TIME. Belgrano wasted a golden chance to getting ever closer to second-placed Godoy Cruz after they ended locked in a 1-1 draw with Platense. After a fairly even first half, Belgrano threw everything they had in the second half but the lack of ideas and precision meant they were left frustrated by their inability to win the game. With only 9 rounds remaining, the chances of Belgrano clinching a direct promotion berth are fading steadily.

94 min. Beraldi (P) clears and the match ends. Full time. Belgrano 1 - Platense 1
92 min. Platense clears the ball but Belgrano get a last chance
90 min. BOOKING. Madrid (P) sees yellow after a foul on Suarez (B)
88 min. Platense are running down the clock and Belgrano see their chances slip away
85 min. Suarez (B) slips when he was clear on goal
82 min. SENDING OFF. Frean (P) gets the marching orders after his second yellow
80 min. Belgrano misses a great chance after a scramble in Platense's area
76 min. Belgrano go into the last quarter with the urge to break the tie
72 min. Farias (B) replaces Esteban (B)
70 min. Suarez (B) turns and shoots but Migliardi (P) saves
65 min. Casado (B) delivers a good free kick straight into the keeper's hands
60 min. Belgrano are exposed on the counter and Platense waste another chance
58 min. Belgrano appeal for a penalty but the referee turns it down
56 min. Crossa (B) replaces the injured Bustos (B)
53 min. Belgrano dominate possession and peg Platense backwards. Bustos misses header above
50 min. Suarez's (B) shoots wide after good individual run
48 min. Lollo (B) volleyes from close range. Misses above
45 min. Second half starts

HALF-TIME. Belgrano 1 - Platense 1. Belgrano started better and scored quickly through Bustos but then gave possession away to Platense who deserved to level the scores. Consistre scored a great individual goal and made sure the first half ended 1-1.

45 min. No extra time added. Referee blows for half time.
39 min. Lollo (B) misses horribly wide
34 min. Belgrano are lost in the pitch and cannot string two passes together
31 min. Consistre (B) smashes a wonderful volley into the net. Belgrano 1 - Platense 1
31 min. GOAL.
26 min. Platense are starting to trouble Belgrano. Turus (B) almost scores an own goal
23 min. Olave (B) saves from Consistre (P)
20 min. BOOKING. Rojas (P) booked for a harsh challenge on Suarez (B)
19 min. Migliardi (P) stops Bustos's (B) long-range shot
13 min. Rojas (P) misses a sitter from close range
11 min. Bustos (B) put Belgrano in front after heading a cross from Suarez (B). Belgrano 1 - Platense 0
7 min. After 7 minutes of Belgrano dominance, Platense have a corner kick
6 min. Martinez (B) header. Missed above
5 min. Suarez (B) is blocked inches from the goal
3 min. Free kick to Belgrano. Bustos (B) misses above

01:12. Kick off

Round 29

Belgrano - Platense

Stadium: Gigante de Alberdi
Thursday: 10 April, 21:00
Referee: Cristian Faraoni
Odds: 1.77 (H), 3.23 (D), 4.24 (A)
Previous: Platense 1 - Belgrano 1
Key Players: Suarez (B), Vega (P)
Recent History: Last two matches ended in draws
Prediction: Belgrano 3 - Platense 1

Tiro Federal 1 - 2 Belgrano

Aldecoa celebrates his goal (Photo source: LMCBA)

Belgrano recorded an important away victory and revitalised their promotion hopes climbing back to third position, nine points adrift of the top spot. Tiro Federal started in positive fashion but Belgrano matched their enthusiasm and soon started to dominate the game. Aldecoa and Garcia were running down the wing and Bustos and Gigli were a constant threat. It was not surprising then that Belgrano opened the scoring with a precise header by Aldecoa who scored his second goal for Belgrano. The goal rattled Tiro Federal and Belgrano had no less than three chances to double their lead: Gigli and Bustos came very close and Farre hit the woodwork. But the failure to capitalise on this dominance brought some distractions that all but invigorated Tiro Federal. When the half was drawing to a close, Chavez fooled the Belgrano defense and scored the coming in from behind. The second half saw a better Tiro Federal while Belgrano went very deep and limited to the occasional break. Tiro were doing all the work but the match was still 1-1. The introduction of Casado meant Belgrano were intent on getting hold of the ball to slow the pace down. But, with five minutes left, Aldecoa dribbled his way past several defenders to assist Casado who whipped the ball into the net. Tiro Federal were left frustrated since they knew they had done enough to at least get a draw but Belgrano didn't mind. They celebrated a great victory and their morale couldn't be better going into the last 10 rounds of the tournament.

Goals: Aldecoa (B), Chavez (T), Casado (B)
Sent-off: Carnero (T), Berza (B)
Attendance: n/a

Suarez transfer: Anderlecht in front

Facsimile sent by Anderlecht (Source photo: LMCBA)

The scan above is a copy of the fax sent by RSC Anderlecht to Cordoba Celeste S.A., the administrators of Belgrano de Cordoba. It is dated on the 12th of February and confirms the offer of 1.2m euros for the transfer of Matias Suarez. It is understood that in the absence of offers from other clubs, the judge will authorize the transfer within the next 20 days. According to standard procedures, the judge issued an edict prompting interested clubs to submit formal offers for the player.

There are rumours that Santos Laguna from Mexico would be lodging a formal offer during next week. The judicial procedure states that in order for the offer to be considered, clubs have to make a cash deposit equal to 10% of the proposed offer.

Round 28

Tiro Federal - Belgrano

Stadium: Tiro Federal
Sunday: 06 April 2008, 15:30
Referee: Leandro Bottoni
Odds: 1.95 (H), 3.1 (D), 3.5 (A)
Previous: Belgrano 1 - Tiro Federal 0
Key Players: Garcia (B), Armani (T)
Recent History: In the last three years, Belgrano lost 2, won 1 and drew 1
Prediction: Tiro Federal 2 - Belgrano 2

Anderlecht bid 1.2m euros for Suarez

The Suarez saga seem to be nearing conclusion after Anderlecht RSC finally lodged a formal 1.2m euros bid for Matias Suarez. The Belgrano management confirmed that they have received the offer and it was passed onto the judge that will now be advised by the members of the trust on the next steps. It is understood that they will suggest a similar procedure as with the transfer of Bolatti. For this reason, in the next few days, the judge will issue an open call for bids. In the event of a matching offer, Anderlecht RSC will be given priority. It is also rumoured that Anderlecht RSC would be willing to increase their offer if other interested bidders come into play. Although there is no confirmation of what the window period will be, it is likely to extend for one or two weeks. This auction procedure is standard and enforceable in the case of clubs that have gone into management.

The good news for Belgrano is that the offer is finally on the table. Also, despite all the earlier speculation, we believe it is a good offer although still short of the 2m euro price tag that was once suggested. All bets are open then.