[Youth Team - Game 3] Belgrano (bye)

Belgrano were not scheduled to play this fixture as they were the odd team.

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Unfortunately I will not be able to update the page during the next days but I will start posting again next Saturday. Cheers to all and good luck to the Belgrano during this week. We all to need to pull together to overcome this difficult situation.

[Youth Team - Game 2] Belgrano - Arsenal

Belgrano Youths hosted Arsenal for the 2nd fixture of the 2007 season. Belgrano got the better of Arsenal by winning the three matches. Results:

4th Division: Belgrano 3 - 0 Arsenal

Goals: Hechalar (B), Gonzalez (B), Chavarria (B)

5th Division: Belgrano 2 - 0 Arsenal

Goals: Bellino (B), Malano (B)

6th Division:
Belgrano 2 - 0 Arsenal

Goals: Fernandez (B), Lujan (B)

Pre-match report

Bollati returns to the team replacing Bustos while Novaretti makes his Belgrano debut replacing Caceres (out, suspended). While the midfield sees Donnet and Oyola stay in the team, there are doubts concerning the two upfront. Rios is almost surely playing but Delgado has a muscle strain. If he is out, then Gigli is the candidate to replace him. For the first time since he arrived to the club, Marcos Lazaga is included into the squad. The possible team for tomorrow: Montoya; Serrizuela, Peppino, Novaretti, Martinez; Donnet, Yllana, Bolatti, Oyola; Rios and Gigli. In Nueva Chicago, Donda replaces Zarif (out, suspended).

Party in the stands !!! Happy 102 years !!!

These two short clips offer a glimpse of the fantastic party held both in the pitch and in the stands in the last match which Belgrano won 3-2. The fans had an additional reason to celebrate: It was Belgrano's 102nd Anniversary. The first clip shows Belgrano fans chanting and cheering for team as they were coming into the pitch. The second clip reproduces the moments after the match had finished (total madness!!!). The quality and recording is not professional (but props to the guy who made it!) as you can see but is good enough as to confirm the buzz: Belgrano are the biggest club in Cordoba and their people are truly unique. We may suffer, we may cheer, we may cry, we may celebrate, we may win, we may lose, we may shine, we may suck, we may chant, we may rumble...But no matter what, we will always be there with you, our beloved Club Atletico Belgrano.

Belgrano 3 - 2 Godoy Cruz

Belgrano defeated Godoy Cruz in an exciting match that could have gone either way. Belgrano scored in quick sucession in the second half and put themselves ahead 3-1. Moments later, Caceres (B) was sent off and Belgrano were pushed all the way by Godoy Cruz who took advantage of the extra man. In the end, Belgrano were able to cling on to the lead even when Godoy Cruz scored a late goal. When the referee blew the final whistle, the stadium burst in joy and the celebrations started. Belgrano had obtained their first win in this tournament and one that will surely count in later stages when relegation is decided. Yllana, Rios and Donnet (pictured) were the goalscorers for Belgrano while Torresi and Miranda scored for Godoy Cruz.

Man of the match: Matias Donnet
Attendance: 35.000

Belgrano 3 - 2 Godoy Cruz - LIVE UPDATES

94': Final whistle. Belgrano win 3-2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17.50: All set for kick-off. A full-house and a great atmosphere for this huge match.

17.55: Our support is fantastic: almost bottom of the league and yet we packed the stadium. Un-freaking-believable!!!

17.59: Teams ready to come out into the pitch.

18.01: Terrific. Amazing. Awesome. Unbelievable. Speechles. Belgrano were received by their fans in spectacular fashion.

18.05 The match starts.

3': Both teams hustle it out in the midfield. Rios (B) shoots but misses.
5': Belgrano controls the ball.
7': Cross from Oyola (B). Misses the goal by a mile.
8': Godoy Cruz counterattack but the danger is cleared. Belgrano bent on attack.
10': Herbella (G) with a last-ditch tackle on Rios (B)
12': Corner to Belgrano.
13': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLL!!! Yllana scores for Belgrano.
16': Party in the stands. Belgrano are winning and playing well.
17': Delgado (B) heads just above the woodwork
20': Godoy Cruz try to find the equalizer
23': Belgrano in control. The ball passes through the midfielders.
25': The Belgrano defenders are looking solid
26': Arzuaga (G) shoots wide. Godoy Cruz are playing better
28': Caceres (B) clears the danger. Corner to Godoy Cruz
31': Arzuaga (G) dives and...where's the yellow card??? Come on ref!
34': Martinez (B) is booked
36': Good counterattack by Belgrano cleared by Godoy Cruz defenders
38': GOAL. Torresi scores for Godoy Cruz.
42': Corner to Belgrano. Cleared by defenders.
44': Torresi (G) misses a sitter. Godoy Cruz playing better at the moment
46': Half-time whistle. Good match so far.

[Youth Team - Game 1] Gimnasia LP - Belgrano

Belgrano Youth Team traveled to La Plata to play Gimnasia LP. Belgrano got some good points in the bag as they started the Youth League in good shape. Results:

4th Division: Gimnasia LP 2 - 0 Belgrano

Goals: Lopez (G), Jaime (G)

5th Division: Gimnasia LP 2 - 2 Belgrano

Goals: Galassi (G), Saporale (G), Macavo (B), Casado (B)

6th Division:
Gimnasia LP 1 - 2 Belgrano

Goals: Mazolati (G), Altamirano (B), Garcia (B)

Pre-match report

Belgrano make some changes to face Godoy Cruz. Primo has confirmed that Rios and Yllana will replace Cervera and Bolatti while Bustos and Martinez are likely to play. The coach has not confirmed the team but it looks as the team will be: Montoya; Serrizuela, Peppino, Caceres, Martinez; Donnet, Yllana, Bustos, Oyola; Rios and Delgado. Godoy Cruz will play the same team who beat Colon. A huge crowd is expected for this match considered a crucial battle between two teams struggling to find their feet and biding to escape the threat of relegation.

New signings - How have they fared so far?

New signigs are always a talking point specially during the first matches of the season where the expectation to see them perform is high. After 5 fixtures, El Bergantin Pirata takes stock and assesses the performance of the 4 high-profile players that Belgrano signed during the off-season.

Marcelo DELGADO: Missed the first match, then played all four matches. Only glimpses (and not many) of the player he once was. True, he hasn't yet fit into the team and he has a special training regime. Credit is still open but he better start showing more of his famed pace and "three-finger" shots. RATING: 2/5

Matias DONET:
Started all 5 matches but was subbed in most of them. Sometimes this was due to poor form, other due to exhaustion. He was in very bad shape when he arrived but now he is showing good progress. Had a good outing against Estudiantes and a better one against Gimnasia scoring one gol in this match. RATING: 3/5

Matias OYOLA: The pint-sized winger was the latest to arrive and the first to make a positive impression. Apart from the first match against Rosario Central, he has been one of best players in each match. Had a decent game against Independiente and San Lorenzo, was the man of the match against Independiente and was okay against Gimnasia (where he was forced to play in an unfamiliar defensive position). He scored a goal against Estudiantes. RATING: 4/5

Marcos LAZAGA:
The paraguayan forward has not had the opportunity to play since he caught an injury soon after signing. He is now back into the squad and will be in the bench against Godoy Cruz. RATING: N/A

What do you think? Do you agree with this assessment? Post your comments below.

Belgrano prepares for celebration

Belgrano will celebrate its 102 years of existence (yeah, we're one of the oldest and most traditional clubs in Argentina) with a big party in the stands promoted by fans and supporters. Although the official date is on Monday 19th of March, every effort is being made to make sure this Sunday the Olimpico de Cordoba will be dressed with our team colors. Flags, balloons, drums, banners, trumpets, paper rolls and everything else that you can think of, will feature in this party to make sure we celebrate in style. Can we also add the icing on the cake by beating the mendocinos and finally kickstart our campaign? We sure can. The ball is now rolling. Pictures, clips and fan reactions to follow in this site.

Belgrano facing uphill relegation battle

With 5 fixtures into the Clausura 2007, it is clear that the relegation battle is shaping up to be fiercely contested. True, Belgrano have not performed well by any standards and the team still have time to turn things around. But other relegation candidates are obtaining wins and this adds to the pressure. Both Argentinos Juniors and Godoy Cruz have got 9 points out of 15 and they have certainly leapfrogged other teams in the dreaded relegation table. With Quilmes almost condemned to playing next season in the Nacional B, there is still to be be decided who will join them and which two teams will have to play two qualification legs. Belgrano and Nueva Chicago have been disappointing so far but they have potential to avoid relegation. They need to start racking up the points sooner rather than later though. While other teams -think Colon, Newells and Gimnasia de Jujuy- may be drawn into this relegation battle, they will not have to worry unless Godoy Cruz, Belgrano and Nueva Chicago produce all very good campaigns. In this context, the next two matches are absolutely crucial for Belgrano. We host Godoy Cruz at the Gigante de Alberdi next sunday and then travel to Mataderos to face Nueva Chicago. Much of our chances to stay in the top division of Argentine football will be decided in these two matches.

Gimnasia 2 - 2 Belgrano

Gimnasia and Belgrano played a vibrant and attractive match that ended in a somewhat heroic draw for the visitors. After a poor first half where both teams tried to get hold of the ball and the goallies saw very little action, the second half turned out to be a see-saw contest where anyone could have ended the winner. Gimnasia struck first through a well-placed shot by Piatti and this was a huge blow to Belgrano who looked disorientated. Belgrano forwards had been very ineffective until Rios replaced Cervera and the pint-sized forward created all sorts of trouble for the Gimnasia defenders. In the 33 minute, Rios held the ball long enough for Donnet to come racing down the middle to place a left-footed shot into the net. It didn't last long for Belgrano though as Gimnasia took advantage of some sloppy defending and Perguidi headed a cross from the right into the net. Belgrano were down and out and Gimnasia had a few more chances to finish the match but they seemed to aim for the fancy rather than the effective. Perguidi went from heroe to villain when he was unable to score and his pass was intercepted by the Belgrano defenders. The counterattack was commanded by Rios who used lightning pace to race past the defenders and place the ball swiftly into the net in the last minute. Belgrano celebrated the unlikely draw and Gimnasia were left to rue their attacking defficiencies. Belgrano didn't play well but were able to stop a losing streak and gather optimism for the next match against Godoy Cruz.

Gimnasia vs Belgrano - LIVE UPDATES

48': The referee blows for full time. Match ends 2-2.
47': Montoya (B) secures the ball after a desperate attempt.
47': Montoya (B) traps the ball in his hands after a cross.
45': Gimnasia 2 - Belgrano 2. 3 minutes of extra time.
45': Belgrano draw level again in the dying moments.
43': Belgrano can't find a way to the leveller.
42': Counterattack by Gimnasia is cleared.
41': Free kick blocked by Gimnasia wall.
40': Dangerous free kick to Belgrano.
39': Basualdo (G) replaces Alderete (G).
38': Gimnasia leads 2-1.
38': GOAL (G). Perguidi (G) after cross from Silva (G).
36': Montoya saves a shot by Silva (G).
34': Belgrano draw level. Gimnasia 1 - 1 Belgrano.
34': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!! Donnet (B).
33': Corner kick to Belgrano.
32': Montoya (B) holds a cross from Perguidi (G).
31': Rios (B) caught offside.
30': Suarez (B) replaces Maldonado (B).
30': Oyola (B) fouled by Cornejo (G).
28': Shot by Silva (G) blocked by Serrizuela (B).
28': Perguidi (G) replaces Leguizamon (G).
27': Maldonado (B) booked.
27': Rios (B) shoots at goal but Kletnicki controls easily.
26': Bolatti (B) misses a header and a great chance.
25': Maldonado (B) is fouled near the box. Cross to Belgrano (B).
24': Leguizamon (G) misses an easy chance.
22': Cornejo (G) replaces Dubarbier (G).
21': Donnet (B) booked.
19': Rios (B) forces Kletnicki (G) to rush for the ball.
16': Cross by Rios (B) controlled by Kletnicki (G).
16': Rios (B) replaces Cervera (B).
15': Delgado (B) misses a good opportunity.
13': Belgrano are stunned and looking badly.
11': Corner to Gimnasia cleared by Belgrano.
10': Montoya (B) saves twice from Leguizamon (G) and Dubarbier (G).
9': Gimnasia leads 1-0.
9': GOAL - Piatti (G). Neat shot hit the post and went in.
7': Corner kick to Gimnasia.
5': Slow start to the 2nd half. Both teams lack ideas.
3': Dubarbier (G) shoots wide after cross from the left.
0': 2nd half starts. Bustos (B) replaces Oses (B).

46': Maglio (ref) whistles for half time.
44': Both sides look for the goal.
43': Kletnicki (G) clears a cross from Serrizuela (B)
41': Oyola (B) is booked.
39': Donnet (B) shoots but Kletnicki controls well.
37': Kletnicki (G) saves from Donnet (B).
34': All Gimnasia efforts pass by Leguizamon (G)
31': Gimnasia getting closer to the goal. Missed shot on goal.
29': Serrizuela (B) misses out wide from long range.
27': Belgrano counterattack via Delgado (B) and Cervera (B).
20': Montoya (B) closes in on Silva (G) and clears.
15': Gimnasia has Belgrano in their back foot.
8': Gimnasia attempts are long-range shots.
5': Belgrano control the ball in the midfield.
0': 1st half starts.

Belgrano looking for first win

Belgrano travel to La Plata to face Gimnasia y Esgrima this Sunday. Belgrano are trying to get the first win in the tournament to kickstart their campaign. The threat of relegation is ever so present and the team can't afford losing more points. Gimnasia is usually a tricky customer but they have been very irregular the past months. Gimnasia got a very important away win in their last fixture against Colon while Belgrano were unlucky to go down to Estudiantes. The mood in the Belgrano camp is as good as ever although this may change if Belgrano are beaten by Gimnasia. The time has come for the fans, the players and the coach to carry the team forward and start turning in the points. The match against El Lobo sounds just like the right time.

Belgrano 1 - Estudiantes 2

Belgrano played the best match in the tournament yet they were left wondering what went wrong as Estudiantes took the win. Belgrano controlled the ball, created the best chances, always showed positive attitude but Estudiantes made the most of their chances. In the 38 minute, Piatti stunned the crowd when he placed the ball past Montoya against the run of play. Belgrano took the blow and they looked puzzled heading into the dressing room. Belgrano went all guns blazing in the second half and finally scored the first goal in this tournament when Matias Oyola, the shortest player on the pitch, headed the ball into the net. From that moment, both teams had chances although it was Belgrano who seemed to have a more positive approach. When the match was dying, Pavone made a cross that somehow found its way into the Belgrano goal. It was lucky for Estudiantes and devastating for Belgrano. It was obviously disheartening for the fans who nevertheless cheered the team for their game and effort. Belgrano are playing better each game and the players are all gelling together. It's just a matter of time to get the first win.

Round 4

Belgrano (CBA)
Estudiantes LP

3.00 (H) - 3.25 (D) - 2.35 (A)
VENUE : Chateau Carreras (Belgrano)
LAST 5.: --LXL / --WXX
KEY PL.: Mario Bolatti (B) - Mariano Pavone (E)
WHEN. : Saturday 03/03/07
K-TIME: 21.10
M.I.T.M: Pablo Lunati
MY SAY: Belgrano wins 2-1