[Youth Team - Game 5] Belgrano - Nueva Chicago

Belgrao youths hosted Nueva Chicago and failed to get the best ot the Matadero team. Belgrano only managed to snatch a goalless draw out of three matches. Results:

4th Division: Belgrano 0 - 0 Nueva Chicago

5th Division: Belgrano 1 - 2 Nueva Chicago

6th Division: Belgrano 0 - 1 Nueva Chicago

River Plate 1 - 1 Belgrano

Belgrano were just 11 minutes short of causing a major upset against River Plate in their last match. Although River Plata had suffered a string of bad results, they have players of inmense quality. Belgrano took to the pitch with a defensive formation with only one forward. During the first half, River controlled possession but lacked ideas to overcome the solid scheme devised by Primo. Gradually, Belgrano started to find spaces and twice were able to score in counterattacks. Lussenhoff handled the ball after a corner kick and the referee didn't think twice. Delgado (pictured), who is sort of a River nemesis, scored from the spot and Belgrano went ahead. River players and coach were jeered by their fans. The second half brought more of the same and when it seemed that River would have a hard time finding the equalizer, Caceres was sent-off (wrongly) and this forced Belgrano to hold with guts and spirit. Belgrano had three great opportunities to finish the match off but lacked the final touch. In the 36th minute, a defensive blip gave Fernandez the chance to get inside the box scoring from close range. After that, it was all River's who could have won it in the end but Montoya had some key saves. Belgrano felt a little disappointed right after the final whistle, but it is a very good result against a team who are always title candidates. The Best: The Belgrano fans, who travelled in hords to Nunez, with some reports stating the presence of 6.000 supporters. No doubt one of the best hinchadas of Argentine football.

Man of the match: Mario Bolatti
Attendance: 26.000

[Youth Team - Game 4] Talleres - Belgrano

Belgrano youths kept the tradition of having the best against our fiercest rivals in the local derby. Belgrano got 5 points out of three matches. Results:

4th Division: Talleres 0 - 0 Belgrano

5th Division: Talleres 2 - 3 Belgrano

Goals: Gonzalez (T), Reyes (T), Malano (B), Malano (B), Vazquez (B).

6th Division: Talleres 1 - 1 Belgrano

Goals: Cetero (T), Garcia (B)

Historic Squads

This is a collection of photos of several Belgrano squads from the past ranging from 1915 to 2006. Memorable squads, fantastic and not-so-fantastic players, but always 11 gladiators that left everything in the football ground. This is a small tribute from El Bergantin Pirata to our great Club. For all Belgrano fans to enjoy !!! (Photo source: Official Club Page and Portal Celeste)

More information about each squad will be added soon. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures. If you have additional photos of historic squads or would like to contribute with information about them, please send us an email at elbergantinpirata@gmail.com.

Belgrano 3 - 0 Velez Sarfield

Velez Sarfield were soundly beaten by Belgrano last Sunday. The first 20 minutes of the match were completely dominated by Belgrano producing no less than 4 clear scoring chances. One of these was taken by Oyola who took advantage of a poor clearance and put Belgrano ahead with a neat half-volley. Velez controlled the ball for the rest of the half but were unable to create many clear chances. Montoya was excellent denying Mauro Zarate in the only real chance for Velez. In the second half, Belgrano opted for a counter-attacking style which suited them. Velez got hold of the ball but were passing it around ineffectively. Another mistake by Velez gifted the ball to Oyola who made a perfect cross headed into the net by 18-year old Suarez. Soon after, Delgado headed the counterattack for Belgrano and when it seemed that the ball was being cleared, he made a superb tackle stealing the ball from the defender and giving the assist to Porcari who neatly pushed the ball into the net. It was 3-0. By that time, Velez had already given up and Belgrano were just passing the ball around waiting for the final whistle. It was a very good victory against a good team, with passages of good play, and a much-needed stimulus for the players who now travel to face River Plate.

Man of the match: Matias Oyola
Attendance: 27.000