Looking ahead

With the relegation to second division consumated, Belgrano bosses and the coaching staff are working together to assemble the new squad for the forthcoming season. Several players, including Jorge Cervera, JJ Serrizuela and Ezequiel Medran, have had their loans terminated by the club. Matias Donnet and Marcelo Delgado, some of the most notable underperformers, have still 6 months remaining on their contracts but everything suggests they will have their contracts terminated. Other players have been released on free transfers and other will be loaned out. Belgrano are interested in renewing the contracts of 4 players -Juan Daniel Caceres, Miguel Martinez, Matias Oyola and Andres Yllana- although the cases are different. While both Caceres and Martinez are close to signing a new deal, Oyola will probably return to River Plate and Andres Yllana is seriously considering retirement. A big question mark hangs on the future of paraguayan forward Marco Antonio Lazaga, a promising striker who didn't play a single entire match during this season.

On the other hand, the head coach, Francisco Ferraro, will decide on a list of potential transfers next monday. We will be posting more news and rumours as soon as they become available.