Ben Hur 1 - Belgrano 2

Belgrano celebrate the winning goal (Photo source: LMCBA)

Belgrano kept their promotion hopes very much alive after securing an unlikely win against Ben Hur in Rafaela. With Ben Hur desperately fighting to avoid relegation and Belgrano needing a win to help them close in on the promotion spots, it promised to be an exciting match. Only that it wasn't. Both sides looked average and were bereft of ideas to get a result. Ben Hur were more positive throughout the game while Belgrano decided to play the waiting game that so well has suited them lately. And the first goal came from a quick Belgrano break that saw Gigli connecting a perfect cross from Suarez. Belgrano didn't have time to celebrate since 4 minutes later, Klusener evened the match with a lobbed header. The goals had arrived but the match was still very poor. Ben Hur threatened the Belgrano goal several times before half time but Belgrano held on firmly. Gomez decided to pull Gigli out and rebuilt a four-men defense aiming at having a grasp of the ball. Ben Hur seemed to have slowed down their pace and were finding it harder to unsettle Belgrano. When the match was undoubtedly heading for a draw, Suarez had another cross into the box that found his way to Lollo who scored with a half-volley. It was 2-1 with 4 minutes left and Belgrano were jubilant. There would be still time for a gross mistake by the referee who should have given Ben Hur a penalty and a disallowed Ben Hur goal for a clear offside position. Belgrano didn't deserve to win, but with the chance of promotion so close to our grasp, who cares?

Goals: Gigli (B), Klusener (BH), Lollo (B)
Sent off: Carrizo (BH)
Attendance: 1000