Godoy Cruz 1 - Belgrano 1

Belgrano managed to get an important point in its visit to Godoy Cruz. The game was very contested from the beginning with both teams looking to secure vital points in the fight against relegation. Godoy Cruz started stronger and they made an early breakthrough 5 minutes into the game when Enzo Perez scored after a gruesome mistake from Arriola. Belgrano was rocked by this early goal and the next 20 minutes saw Godoy Cruz dominate the game creating a few good chances. It was then when Belgrano started to take control of the game fuelled by the growing influence of its midfielders particulary Bolatti and Manzanelli. It wasn't long until the deserved goal came our way and it was through a beautiful header by Mariano Campodonico who played from the start for the first time. The first half came to a close leaving the match wide open for the second half. Godoy Cruz came out all gunz blazing but it couldn't break a spirited Belgrano's defense. Each side had their chances to break the deadlock but in the end the draw was a fair reflection of the proceedings of the match. It was a good point for Godoy Cruz which scored their first goal in six matches and it was also a good point for Belgrano which keeps the team in a top-6 position in the League table and in safe position in the relegation table.

Goals: 5' Enzo Perez (GOD), 36' Mariano Campodonico (BEL)

Man of the match (MOTM): Mario Bolatti (BEL)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaFkPYeDYWY (Click for highlights. Audio in Spanish)