Growing bigger

It is well known that our stadium (pictured above) needs to be expanded. Firstly, because we love to play in Alberdi. And second, because we need to have a stadium in accordance to the calibre of clubs we are likely to face in the present and in the future. This year both Boca and River are visiting us and next year we may well host Palmeiras, Colo Colo or America. Our chairman Armando Perez, has delighted the fans by stating that the stadium is going to be expanded in the near future. Although no official date has been set for the starting of the works, the feeling is that the stadium should be ready for the next year. These are very good news for Belgrano!

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Pirataenmadrid said...

Buen laburo loco, siempre es bueno que fuera de nustras fronteras y para las personas que no hablan nuestra lengua sepan quién manda en Córdoba!!!!
Belgrano,the best of Argentina!!!!

Anonymous said...

Si papa los piratas alrededor del mundo , no somos pecho frios como galleres jajaja!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope our stadium is ready for the next seasson. But anyways this are really good news for all of us!!!

I`ve heard something about a "Little Bombonerita" proyect for "El Gigante".

Your site is amazing my friend!!! Tanks a lot!!!

Aguante Belgrano!!!!

Dr Leviathan said...

Wow, that sound great. A little Bombonerita! I am going to open a poll on the stadium in the coming weeks so keep checking on the site!