Belgrano 1 - Boca Juniors 0

Amazing. Unbelievable. Awesome. Against all the odds, Belgrano defeated Boca Juniors and halted Boca's unbeaten run. In addition, the win takes the title race to the wire. Boca had expected to celebrate a new title in Cordoba dismissing Belgrano as an easy obstacle. The scene and all the preparations were in place for a Boca celebration. Fortunately for Belgrano, Boca forgot that matches are won and lost in the pitch.

As predicted, the stadium was packed and the match yielded the highest turntiles receipts so far. Boca's colourful support was more than matched by Belgrano's vibrant and noisy supporters. It was all set for a walk in the park for Boca Juniors. But as kick-off took place, the first impressions were different. Belgrano were playing with guts and incredible passion as if it was a league final. Boca were playing with a lacking and despiseful attitude. Boca had control of the ball but were not able to overcome the fierce resistance imposed by Belgrano. Time and again, Boca repeated in lateralizing and crosses that were cleared by the Belgrano defenders. They were unable to create clear chances in front of Belgrano's goal. Belgrano assumed a passive role from the outset conceding the ball to Boca but trying to take advantage from the gaps opened in the Boca midfield and defensive lines. Palacio, arguably the best forward in the league, was well controlled by Maceira and Palermo had a dreadful evening. Cardozo, Datolo and Marino were also unable to create play and the Belgrano defenders had the best of them. On the other side, Belgrano were starting to create some problems to the Boca back four with Andres Rios and Gigli. The midfield pair, Bolatti and Yllana, had a growing influence into the game and Mansanelli and Arriola were causing troubles on the wings. The first half didn't see many scoring chances and it ended 0-0. The second half was pretty similar but Belgrano decided to go for an unlikely win. Another cross from the left hand side into the box, left Franco Peppino unchallenged and after some clever footwork he put the ball past Bobadilla giving Belgrano the lead. It was pure ectasy. The Pirates, Belgrano supporters, were in heaven and they were enjoying the win and teasing Boca fans. From that moment, Boca took control of the ball and created some opportunities but they were unable to break Belgrano. German Montoya was again an important factor and the unexperienced Belgrano back four played an excellent match. The final whistle brought a sense of relief into the stands and both Belgrano players and supporters stayed for a while celebrating wildly and joyously after the match finished. It was another chapter of the rich history between these two clubs. Another heroic match for Belgrano. Another frustration for Boca. David defeated Goliat...

This is why I love being a supporter of this club. It's because of the mystic, the heroics, the popular roots, the inner strength, the passion and the support. We don't care if we win or lose. We don't care if we play well or suck. We don't care if we win leagues or battle relegation. We just care about supporting our team at every single moment. We ask our players to give their all. We, as supporters, also give our all. Photo Source: La Voz del Interior

Goals: 60' Peppino (BEL)

Man of the match (MOTM): German Montoya (BEL)