Half-way the season and we are in good shape

The Apertura 2006 is finally over (is it really? Fact: there is one suspended match who nobody knows if and when will take place!). Estudiantes de la Plata were a deserved champion (although it must be said that Boca Juniors chickened it out in the end and gifted the title) and Belgrano have kept in line with their pre-season goals. With the defeat against Banfield, Belgrano finished the Apertura 2006 in the 12th position with 23 points from 19 matches. One of the objectives in the pre-season was to achieve around 25 points in each championship (the Apertura 2006 and the Clausura 2007). Belgrano were very close to achieving it and there is a growing feeling of accomplishment among fans, the players and the management alike. Another objective was to be atop of what our manager described as a "mini-League" where most teams fighting relegation are. In this matter, only Gimnasia de Jujuy performed better than Belgrano which means we are still in the driver's seat. We are currently out of the relegation zone (although just one point shy!) but things can change pretty quickly with a string of bad results. We just hope that's not the case. All in all, Belgrano played 19 matches, with 6 victories, 5 draws and 8 defeats. Other highlights include the accolade received by our coach, Mario Griguol, as the best behavior on and off the pitch and the fact that Belgrano finished as one of the top three teams in the fair play department.