Final destination: Porto or Deportivo?

You know the plot: a highly-rated central midfielder -that is Mario Bolatti- has become hot property in the transfer market. Although several clubs have shown interest in Bolatti, it is clear that it all comes down to two clubs: Porto FC and Deportivo La Coruña. The plot has thickened due to Belgrano's financial situation and to an alleged clash between the player and the club's interests. Apparently, Bolatti had expressed his preference for Deportivo while Belgrano's chairman, Armando Perez, had been favouring Porto's smaller bid. Familiar? Uh...Belgrano are tight-lipped regarding the affair and so is Bolatti. Under these circumstances, we are left with several questions regarding this transfer. Will Bolatti end up in Portugal or Spain? Why is Perez willing to accept a lower bid for the player? What role is the authorizing judge playing? To what extent are the two bids comparable? Are there any future clauses or agreements between Belgrano and either of the clubs that may have a bearing on the transfer? As you can see, there are too many unanswered questions. Only time will tell whether this will result in a happy ending for Belgrano, the buyer and the player or whether this will be another obscure transaction that will hang from our club's wall of shame...


FC Porto said...

Well, Bollati signed a 4 year old contract with us. Let me say that Deportivo's bid was higher but they DON'T have money. They are still in debt with us at 5 years (Jorge Andrade transfer in 2002).That's a shame.

Good luck for your club. Hope to see you guys again in 1st division next year,

Best regards,


Dr Leviathan said...

I just posted the news. I think Porto was the frontrunner from the beginning and it has just been confirmed. I liked Porto more than Deportivo and I think Bolatti will fancy his chances at your club. Didn't know about the debt, hope you guys get it back some time soon!

Thanks for your good wishes for Belgrano, we were a bit unlucky this year, but I am sure we'll bounce back sooner rather than later.