New keeper in town...

...and he is 37! Belgrano have agreed terms with Cesar Leonardo Monasterio to join Belgrano on a free transfer. The player, a cult hero at San Martin de San Juan where he played for 7 years, fell out with the president of his former club and was made redundant by the coach. Apparently, Gomez asked the directors to look for a third keeper since Belgrano have currently only two goallies among the trainees. Apparently, again, Monasterio is the one who fits the bill.

Monasterio has been around for a while since his debut for Deportivo Moron in 1993 and has played for several clubs from the second division including Platense and Almirante Brown de Arrecifes. He is a decent, reliable keeper that likes keeping a low profile.

Now, if this deal goes through (all should be finalized on Monday) one may wonder whether this is the sensible thing to do in this moment. True, he may cover up for the increasingly volatile Olave but he may also end up aimlessly dragging his ass around the stadium. So the question would be, is he gonna end up a steal or a bust? Only time will tell, but I am not entirely convinced on this signing.