Who is De Giorgis?

He goes by the name of Carlos Alberto, he is 23 years old, long brown hair and he -listen carefully- is going to replace the much-maligned Juan Carlos Olave. He was brought in by Ferraro last season and pretty much nobody noticed his presence. We don't even know his real name. Is it De Giorgis? Or De Giorgi? I've also seen it written Di Giorgis. He says he is ready to defend our goal. Great, that's the attitude kid. Thing is, you see, he has hardly played in the last two years. During 2004-05 he had a very good season at Racing Club (CBA) --those whose hinchada are known as the Ninja Turtles, yeah, they're only four!. In 2006, he went to Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy to practice the art of bench-warming and he decided Jujuy was too hot for that so he moved to the milder breeze of Cordoba...to continue developing his bench-warming skills. But he's had enough. The unknown soldier has risen from the depths of nowhere and seems likely to start for Belgrano for the first time against Instituto.

That is Carlos de Giorgis. He spoke and he wants to play. The opportunity has presented to him. Let's pray he is as good as keeping as he is warming the bench.

PS. I ain't this nasty usually. But I couldn't help it...