Tiro Federal 1 - 2 Belgrano

Aldecoa celebrates his goal (Photo source: LMCBA)

Belgrano recorded an important away victory and revitalised their promotion hopes climbing back to third position, nine points adrift of the top spot. Tiro Federal started in positive fashion but Belgrano matched their enthusiasm and soon started to dominate the game. Aldecoa and Garcia were running down the wing and Bustos and Gigli were a constant threat. It was not surprising then that Belgrano opened the scoring with a precise header by Aldecoa who scored his second goal for Belgrano. The goal rattled Tiro Federal and Belgrano had no less than three chances to double their lead: Gigli and Bustos came very close and Farre hit the woodwork. But the failure to capitalise on this dominance brought some distractions that all but invigorated Tiro Federal. When the half was drawing to a close, Chavez fooled the Belgrano defense and scored the coming in from behind. The second half saw a better Tiro Federal while Belgrano went very deep and limited to the occasional break. Tiro were doing all the work but the match was still 1-1. The introduction of Casado meant Belgrano were intent on getting hold of the ball to slow the pace down. But, with five minutes left, Aldecoa dribbled his way past several defenders to assist Casado who whipped the ball into the net. Tiro Federal were left frustrated since they knew they had done enough to at least get a draw but Belgrano didn't mind. They celebrated a great victory and their morale couldn't be better going into the last 10 rounds of the tournament.

Goals: Aldecoa (B), Chavez (T), Casado (B)
Sent-off: Carnero (T), Berza (B)
Attendance: n/a