Anderlecht bid 1.2m euros for Suarez

The Suarez saga seem to be nearing conclusion after Anderlecht RSC finally lodged a formal 1.2m euros bid for Matias Suarez. The Belgrano management confirmed that they have received the offer and it was passed onto the judge that will now be advised by the members of the trust on the next steps. It is understood that they will suggest a similar procedure as with the transfer of Bolatti. For this reason, in the next few days, the judge will issue an open call for bids. In the event of a matching offer, Anderlecht RSC will be given priority. It is also rumoured that Anderlecht RSC would be willing to increase their offer if other interested bidders come into play. Although there is no confirmation of what the window period will be, it is likely to extend for one or two weeks. This auction procedure is standard and enforceable in the case of clubs that have gone into management.

The good news for Belgrano is that the offer is finally on the table. Also, despite all the earlier speculation, we believe it is a good offer although still short of the 2m euro price tag that was once suggested. All bets are open then.