Promotion hopes

We're going to promote, f**k yeah

Belgrano players celebrate the victory (Photo source: La Voz)

Okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves!!!. First, we gotta know who we'll play against. It's either Racing, Colon or Olimpo. The rival will be decided next Sunday when the last round of the Clausura is played. The first leg will be played in Cordoba and Belgrano will have to travel for the second leg. It's also worth pointing out that the Premier Division team has the advantage: given equal results in both legs, they will avoid relegation and deny Belgrano promotion.

But we are hopeful. Belgrano have played several promotion matches in the past with great success and we know what it takes to win at this stage. Form and history do not matter. It's to come out there and give our all. We hope the players will be able to do it and we may be celebrating the return to top-flight football by the end of this month.