Racing Club 1 - Belgrano 0

Belgrano deserved better (Photo source: LaVoz)

Heartbreak. When you know you were so close and it just vanished. Because Belgrano played with heart, passion and discipline and dominated Racing Club during large passages of the game. Belgrano had no less than four clear goal chances and they pushed Racing to their limit but it just wasn't going to happen today. There was an agonizing moment when Bustos tumbled down and fell with the goal at his mercy. It was painfully close and yet, from that moment, you knew Racing would stay. In the second half, the Avellaneda-based team put a brave resistance and held off Belgrano spirited effort. Our boys pushed until the end but to no avail. They deserved a goal that never arrived. Belgrano will play another season in the second division but we believe every Belgrano fan will be proud of the courageous, never-say-die attitude shown by the boys. It was a real shame that Mati Suarez, the greatest talent this club has produced in the last 20 years, could not end his Belgrano career with a flourish. More to follow...

Goals: Moralez (RC)
Attendance: 50000