Belgrano enters voleyball league

Presentation of the Voleyball League. Belgrano, fourth from left

We had a wonderful 2006 with the team winning promotion, the wins against Talleres, our biggest rivals, and looking settled in top-flight football. Good news kept coming as the chairman was delighted to announce the Belgrano was to enter the Voleyball League. Voleyball is growing in popularity in Argentina and week after week the teams are drawing more and more people. The Club Atletico Belgrano will replace the financially-challenged Alianza Jesus Maria as the only participating team from Cordoba in the prestigious League. Belgrano has taken over the players of Alianza JM and will play at a nearby arena. The league is very competitive and although Belgrano may find it hard to settle, the task will be made easier by the strong and loyal support of our football- and voleyball-mad supporters. These are very encouraging news showing once more the ambitious plans of the current management. The team makes its debut next Saturday 06/01 against Rosario Sonder. Info about the team and players in future posts...