Belgrano sign Delgado

After several weeks of negotiations, Marcelo Delgado was confirmed as the new addition to Belgrano de Cordoba. The signing of Delgado comes as a high-profile move by the Belgrano management. He arrived in Cordoba last friday accompannied by Armando Perez and after a short press conference he joined his new teamates in the pre-season training. When asked about why he decided to join Belgrano he said: "Belgrano is one of the biggest regional clubs and their manament is reliable and serious. Although I had other offers, I had given my word to Armando Perez and I decided to come here". When asked about his expectations and the difficult challenge of relegation, he answered confidently: "My objective is to fight at the top of the league. I have not come to fight relegation. The management are trying to put together a good team and I am going to show what I am still capable of". He is due to start in the first pre-season friendly against Velez Sarfield on Thursday.