Gandin, Garcia and Lujambio are Belgrano targets

Belgrano are desperately looking for a striker. After many speculations, it appears that it's a two-horse race between Gandin and Lujambio. While both have been given the nod by Pancho Ferraro, Gandin looks like the best long-term bet. Belgrano have made an offer for the player to Colon (said to be around U$S 1m) but Gandin is hoping to sign for a first Division team. If that doesn't go well, then he will most likely sign for Belgrano. Lujambio, a former Belgrano favorite and declared fan, is the alternative option. While he is not getting any younger, he is still scoring goals. Finally, Belgrano are looking for a left-winger after Romero decided to sign for Argentions in the end. The candidate: Federico Garcia. He would be a great signing but Rafaela is not willing to let him go. Apparently, Belgrano are decided to go for a big offer aiming to lure Garcia's interest. Finally, the coach Pancho Ferraro said that the squad is 80-85% of the way and that he needs "3 or 4 more players".