The Rios saga continues

If Andres Rios thought his misconduct would have no consequences, well he should have thought better. The player was cited by the authorizing judge to declare on his abandonment of the club. Although Rios had been training with his "new" club Veracruz, he flew to Cordoba to comply with the judicial order. The player apologized over his actions but it appears that neither the judge nor Armando Perez will accept the offer for the player. It's been confirmed that Veracruz had a raise of their bid rejected again. And the Belgrano management have said that Rios will not be joining Veracruz. He will be cited to train with Belgrano and wait for new offers to come in. Although this is not an ideal situation for the player nor the club, we believe the player has brought it all on himself by refusing to comply with his obligations. As loyal and caring fans, we don't accept this behaviour and wish the best for the club. As for the player, he should better think twice before acting foolishly.