Decisive week for Suarez transfer

According to media reports, the chairman of Belgrano suggested that there would be important news in relation with the transfer of Matias Suarez. Although the interest of RSC Anderlecht is well known, the main obstacle to this deal is regarding the transfer fee. Although Cordoba Celeste would be satisfied with a € 1.2m fee, the overseeing judge is said to consider this amount too small. In addition to this, there are rumours suggesting that a well-known football agent would be willing to offer up to € 3.6m fee for Matias Suarez -that's three times the amount offered by RSC Anderlecht-, in order to negotiate him to a top European club. The fact that Suarez has been playing a vital role in Belgrano's fortunes and the praise he is receiving from managers and pundits add to the mounting speculation over his future.

In the meantime, Suarez remain fully committed to Belgrano, and keeps his focus by stating his priorities for the next months: "I want to win Promotion with Belgrano and defeat Talleres in the derby" he said to journalists last Sunday. Wherever he ends up going, it will do a great good both for him and for our club. The transfer fee will go a long way to cancel the outstanding debt and the club may finally get back to a normal situation.