Short cuts...

- Suarez and Bustos are one yellow card short of reaching 10 and 5 respectively. If they get booked next match, they will both have to sit for one match.

- Rumours of a stadium expansion have been fueled by the intriguing comments to the press of chairman Armando Perez. He said that many people will have a big surprise when he announces...what exactly?

- Is the price tag of Suarez going down? Well, that seems to be the case if one is to believe the speculation surrounding the arrival of RSC Anderlecht's negotiators in Argentina. Apparently, 1.2m euros have now become 1.2m dollars. Talk about devaluation.

- With San Martin de Tucuman victory, Belgrano are now 9 points adrift of the first position. While they are still very much promotion contenders, the title hopes seem to be waning fast.

- Mario Gomez is still recovering from illness and may have to wait for one or two more days to get back to training the lads.Rolando Bertolini, the assistant coach, will be in charge during his absence.