Belgrano 0 - Ferro C.O. 1

Lollo sets his eyes on the ball (Photo source: La Voz del Interior)

Belgrano were stunned by Ferro on Monday night causing a big blow to their hopes of grabbing one of the spots granting direct promotion to Primera. It was evident from the kickoff that Belgrano were in for a difficult night given their early difficulties to manage possession. Gomez gamble didn't pay off as leaving Casado on the bench meant that there was virtually no playmaker. And this limited the effectiveness of both Suarez and Casado who were only active during the first 20 minutes of the match, aptly assisted by Aldecoa and Arriola. But once the Belgrano wingers were shut, any hopes of winning the match evaporated. Ferro, a limited team with a disciplined approach, started to control the midfield and to create some danger near the Belgrano area. After a rather uneventful first half, the tenacity displayed by the visitors paid off after a corner kick was twice headed in Olave's area. Brown (F) was the scorer and it was probably deserved. Belgrano were worryingly bereft of ideas and pressed on hopelessly. In fact, Ferro was closer to scoring their second than Belgrano to drawing level. Despite Belgrano spraying the rival area with crosses and corner kicks, the victory was never in doubt for the visitors. Although Ferro did enough to deserve a goal, it was Belgrano languid performance that opened the door for Ferro. With the victory, Ferro put an end to a nine match unbeaten Belgrano run.

Goals: Brown (F)
Attendance: 20000


Anonymous said...

here I am waiting for any update in English for the game. Well done!!
update regulary please.

Form Auckland NZ, El Pirata Kiwi

Dr Leviathan said...

He he, Kiwi. Tough luck today. It seems we are playing like crap, but I still hope el Mati will work out some magic.

By the way, good to have you stick around here. I'll try to keep the updates in the second half. I rely on the shoddy radio stream, though.