Belgrano 1 - Lanus 1

Belgrano were held to a draw by Lanus at the Olimpico de Cordoba. Belgrano had most of the posession but were again unable to find a way to overcome the defensive tactics implemented by Lanus. Belgrano started brightly keeping and passing the ball and trying to push Lanus towards their goal. Once Lanus settled in most of the action took place in the midfield and soon it all became a dull and unattractive affair. Proof of that was that there were almost no shots at the goals and both goalkeepers had a quiet evening. The wet pitch due to the heavy rainfall didn't help matters either. Lanus were more active during the second half and they had chances to open the scoring during the first minutes. The match became more open and Belgrano found spaces for the break. Still, the feeling was that the match was heading for a goalless draw. Unexpectedly, and when Belgrano were in control of the match, Claudio Graf found himself in a scoring position and the efficient striker put the ball away from German Montoya. Belgrano protested an (evident) uncalled foul to JJ Serrizuela who was defending the play to no avail. Shock in the stadium. But it was then when Belgrano fuelled by its people chanting loudly under the heavy rain decided to try and put some justice in the scoresheet. Belgrano pushed and hustled (yeah, without ideas but with a lot of guts and heart) and the leveller came our way after a corner headed home by Mario Bolatti. It was in fact an own goal but the referee, adding to his list of awful decisions, gave it to the star Belgrano midfielder. There was little else until the close of the match. JJ Serrizuela was sent off and both teams seemed happy with the draw. A draw is a draw and a point it always useful. At last, I got the prediction and the score right! A perfect prediction he he! Photo Source: TyC Sports

Goals: 81' Graf (LAN), 87' Bolatti (BEL)

Man of the Match: Gaston Turus (BEL)