Montoya praised by colleagues

Our star goallie, German Montoya, keeps surprising everyone with his performances. German is not only loved by Belgrano fans but is also being hailed as one of the best goalkeepers in the Argentine league. His last performance against Quilmes was top of the class being granted a 10-mark by most pundits and selected in the team of the week. The Quilmes manager, former goalkeeper Esteban Pogany, said: "He was outstanding. It was arguably the best perfomance by a keeper this season". Other Quilmes players also commented on his performance:"He is the reason Belgrano won the match. I hadn't seen a performance like that in a long time" said Quilmes' goallie Damian Grosso. "It was impressive. He's won a lot of points for them" said Julio Moreyra. Other pundits highlight the role of Montoya in helping his team getting valuable points. It has also been suggested that he is being closely followed by the national coach Alfio Basile. The reasons for his success: outstanding reflexes, hard-work and determination. He is a class act and his inclusion in the national squad is just a matter of time. Photo source: La Voz del Interior


Anonymous said...

You should take a look to the following links to realice that Montoya has a great future in soccer!! We all hope this dream come true!!!

Dr Leviathan said...

Hey, thanks for the links. These are really great news for him and for Belgrano. I hope Montoya will develop his enormous potential and will become a world-class goallie! Cheers!