Colon 2 - Belgrano 0

Belgrano lost another important match and life is becoming increasingly difficult for both the manager and the players. Belgrano had a good chance of getting something out of this match given the poor performances of Colon but instead they turned in an awful performance. Colon controlled the ball most of the time and created plenty of scoring opportunities. Two times they hit the crossbar, a couple more times our excellent goallie made outstanding saves and they constantly threatened Belgrano's goal. Even when the first half ended goalless, it looked like Colon should have gotten a goal or two. They got the deserved lead ten minutes into the second-half when Enria scored from close range. Andres Aimar was a big hope but was disappointing and never looked like creating play. Neither did the substitutions introduced after half-time. Colon sealed their victory after Ramirez got on the scoresheet 15 minutes from the end of the match. The defenders, usually solid, looked completely out-of-sorts and the midfielders could almost never get hold of the ball. The forwards were never assisted and were never able to pose a serious threat for the Colon defenders. Another good performance by German Montoya meant Belgrano did not suffer an embarrassing defeat. Franco Peppino was sent off for Belgrano who will need to improve greatly if they are to get to the 25-points target set by the manager. There are only three fixtures left and the powerful Boca Juniors is coming to visit us in two-weeks time. We are still in with chances and I am sure we'll scrap our way to the needed target. Photo Source: TyC Sports

Goals: 55' Claudio Enria (COL), 75' Ruben Ramirez (COL)

Man of the match: Claudio Enria (COL)