Boca, we are waiting for you

The clash of the tournament is here. Belgrano de Cordoba, back into the First Division. Boca Juniors, contending for another title. Belgrano, the greatest and long-suffering fans. Boca Juniors, the "Jugador Numero 12". Belgrano, a blend of sacrifice, heart and team spirit. Boca Juniors, a blend of personality, stars and winning attitude. Belgrano, el Gigante. Boca Juniors, la Bombonera. Belgrano, a great future. Boca Juniors, history in the making. That is what is all about. All the tournament comes down to this match. A win will give Boca the title. A defeat or a draw will give Belgrano pride and vital points. Certain to be a full house at the Olimpico de Cordoba, meaning huge turntile receipts and a great atmosphere. These two teams have produced memorable matches in the past and we all hope this won't be the exception. In the photo above, two giants and legends of each club, Diego Maradona and Luis Fabian Artime salute each other.

Will Belgrano let Boca run away with the title? Or will we beat them in a classical David and Goliat fashion? Whatever it is, Boca won't have it easier next weekend. That, my friends, is for sure. Match preview, odds and prediction later during the week.