The League of Shame

Argentine football is a joke. Period. The wonderful game that football once used to be is now marred by a mix of rigged fixtures, paid referees and violence from barras bravas. It no longer matters who wins the League. The latest development in this ongoing scandal took place last night when Gimnasia LP hosted Boca Juniors to complete the match suspended some weeks ago (Boca trailed Gimnasia LP 1-0 after the first half). The remainder was divided in two halves of 22 minutes each and right from the beginning there was the feeling of something strange. An outrageous penalty decision was given to Boca Juniors in the first minute. Boca levelled the match and went ahead just a few minutes later. Journalists were commenting on the evident lack of effort from Gimnasia players who looked as if they didn't care. Had Gimnasia went on to win the match they would have granted their biggest rival Estudiantes LP a wonderful opportunity to challenge for the title. In the end, Boca turned the match around by winning 4-1 (yes, four goals in 45 mins!). Amidst rumours of incentive money bein paid to Gimnasia players in exchange for losing the match, there were news about a serious threat made by Gimnasia barras to the players if they won the match. The players admitted to have been threatened but the match was played anyway. Boca stays top of the league 4 points clear but there is a feeling of uneasiness all around the football world. More developments will follow from this and a suspension of the League is likely. Shameful and disgusting.