All set for Suarez transfer

When Armando Perez said last week that he had met with representatives from RSC Anderlecht, everybody knew the name on the table was Matias Suarez. Apparently, the negotiations went smoothly and, although the final transfer fee is still being worked out, everything suggests that Suarez will be heading to Belgium at the end of June 2008. Rumours indicate that Belgrano have set a minimum price of 1.2m euros and that the final fee could be decided at around 1.4m euros.

Although many fans are shocked at this decision and particularly at what they consider to be a ridiculous fee for such a talented player, the fact that Belgrano are in the second division and going through bankruptcy management limit the ability to negotiate a higher transfer fee. The buzz around the fans is that had the management waited for Belgrano to return to the top flight, they would have been able to sell Suarez for a considerably higher fee.

There are positives, though. Belgrano are inching ever closer to repaying the debt, have established a solid reputation for transfers to the international market (Bolatti, Peppino and Rios were transferred directly to Europe and Mexico) and will have certainly strengthened their links with European teams.


Javier said...

I think the feed isn't good enought come on less than 1.4 millon euros...if Matias keeps playin' like that he worths like Bolatti (2.5) or more...we're in a very difficult economical situation but there's no reason for just accept the first transfer offer from Europe...i'm sure that Anderlecht can pay a higher fee...

Saludos desde Cordoba colega!

Dr Leviathan said...

I also think the fee doesn't even come close to Matias potential value. He is still learning and could be worth a lot more. But you know how football goes, it's a bit of a lottery. He may go on to become a world-class striker or end up stuck in Mexico in a second division team. Even worse, he may get seriously injured. Having said this, I agree with you that Cordoba Celeste should wait and listen to other offers. After all, there must be several European clubs interested in such a talented player!

I hope everything works out right for Matias and for Belgrano. Anyway, thanks for posting!

Saludos piratas, que este 2008 somos campeones.