New year, new hopes.. and new posts!!!

Here's to my attempt of keeping this blog alive! Well, at least that will be my intention throughout this year. Now onto some interesting stuff.

Belgrano finished the year on a high with two (much needed) consecutive victories but still far from the top spots. It was clear that the six consecutive defeats had hit the team, fans and management hard. But by the end of last year, that seemed to be over and the new coach Mario Gomez looks now determined to make a big push for the title in the second part of the season. He announced that Caceres, Pages and Pietravallo (a real shocker) would no longer be needed and the club has since ended their contracts. On a different light, Belgrano's only signing so far comes from Gimnasia de Jujuy and has a vast experience. His name is Marcelo Berza and he is a defender. The coach and the directors have said that it may be their only signing despite the release of three first team players. Since there are a number of promising youths being observed by the coach, this seem to be a rather appropriate policy.

So there you go. Not much in the way of breaking news but a few interesting moves nonetheless. So we'll see how it goes for Belgrano this year but one thing is sure. While we will be most likely pushing for the title and promotion to Primera, our local neighbours will be in the desperate hunt for vital points to escape relegation!!!