Fine tuning

Belgrano completed their pre-season and returned to Cordoba where they will be intensifying their tactical preparation looking into the second part of the tournament. The balance of the pre-season is highly positive: with no serious injuries the squad responded well to the physical demands and they showed good form in their three friendlies. However, the coach is perfectly aware that there are several aspects that need work before the team takes to the pitch. There are new faces that are likely to take part in the opener (Berza, Lollo) and some other players that have bounced from the shadows (Bustos, Arriola) and are now being considered for a place in the first team.

It seems as if Gomez is (rightly) trying to look for the appropriate mix of skill, experience and form that will see the team get back within the top spots. Looking at the fixture, the first two matches are against higher-ranked teams and hence a great opportunity to put us back into contention. Then we have the minor derby against the soon-to-be-relegated Instituto. How it pans out, however, remains to be seen.