The Magnificent Seven?

Not quite but they may well be in due time. The names are Pier Barrios, Franco Giufre, Bernabe Bourges, Julio Cesar Giuliano, Ivan Gonzalez, Adrian Maidana, and Pablo Chavarria. They all came through the youth ranks at Belgrano and have now been selected to go the pre-season training camp with the main squad. The lads will have 15 days to make their case and see whether they can win over the coach's confidence. They have already shown what they are capable of in the youth league, now it's big time. We wish them all the luck!

A total of 31 players will be training hard during two weeks in Mar del Plata under the supervision of Mario Gomez looking to start the season in the best possible shape. The coaching staff are trying to arrange some pre-season friendlies for the upcoming weeks. Before leaving Cordoba, the players, staff and the directors were treated to a great alfresco barbeque. They are certainly no lacking in motivation! Best of luck during the pre-season.


arturoorgaz said...

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