New signings - How have they fared so far?

New signigs are always a talking point specially during the first matches of the season where the expectation to see them perform is high. After 5 fixtures, El Bergantin Pirata takes stock and assesses the performance of the 4 high-profile players that Belgrano signed during the off-season.

Marcelo DELGADO: Missed the first match, then played all four matches. Only glimpses (and not many) of the player he once was. True, he hasn't yet fit into the team and he has a special training regime. Credit is still open but he better start showing more of his famed pace and "three-finger" shots. RATING: 2/5

Matias DONET:
Started all 5 matches but was subbed in most of them. Sometimes this was due to poor form, other due to exhaustion. He was in very bad shape when he arrived but now he is showing good progress. Had a good outing against Estudiantes and a better one against Gimnasia scoring one gol in this match. RATING: 3/5

Matias OYOLA: The pint-sized winger was the latest to arrive and the first to make a positive impression. Apart from the first match against Rosario Central, he has been one of best players in each match. Had a decent game against Independiente and San Lorenzo, was the man of the match against Independiente and was okay against Gimnasia (where he was forced to play in an unfamiliar defensive position). He scored a goal against Estudiantes. RATING: 4/5

Marcos LAZAGA:
The paraguayan forward has not had the opportunity to play since he caught an injury soon after signing. He is now back into the squad and will be in the bench against Godoy Cruz. RATING: N/A

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Anonymous said...

Come on lazaga. We need you goals. Delgado is very old!