Party in the stands !!! Happy 102 years !!!

These two short clips offer a glimpse of the fantastic party held both in the pitch and in the stands in the last match which Belgrano won 3-2. The fans had an additional reason to celebrate: It was Belgrano's 102nd Anniversary. The first clip shows Belgrano fans chanting and cheering for team as they were coming into the pitch. The second clip reproduces the moments after the match had finished (total madness!!!). The quality and recording is not professional (but props to the guy who made it!) as you can see but is good enough as to confirm the buzz: Belgrano are the biggest club in Cordoba and their people are truly unique. We may suffer, we may cheer, we may cry, we may celebrate, we may win, we may lose, we may shine, we may suck, we may chant, we may rumble...But no matter what, we will always be there with you, our beloved Club Atletico Belgrano.