Gimnasia 2 - 2 Belgrano

Gimnasia and Belgrano played a vibrant and attractive match that ended in a somewhat heroic draw for the visitors. After a poor first half where both teams tried to get hold of the ball and the goallies saw very little action, the second half turned out to be a see-saw contest where anyone could have ended the winner. Gimnasia struck first through a well-placed shot by Piatti and this was a huge blow to Belgrano who looked disorientated. Belgrano forwards had been very ineffective until Rios replaced Cervera and the pint-sized forward created all sorts of trouble for the Gimnasia defenders. In the 33 minute, Rios held the ball long enough for Donnet to come racing down the middle to place a left-footed shot into the net. It didn't last long for Belgrano though as Gimnasia took advantage of some sloppy defending and Perguidi headed a cross from the right into the net. Belgrano were down and out and Gimnasia had a few more chances to finish the match but they seemed to aim for the fancy rather than the effective. Perguidi went from heroe to villain when he was unable to score and his pass was intercepted by the Belgrano defenders. The counterattack was commanded by Rios who used lightning pace to race past the defenders and place the ball swiftly into the net in the last minute. Belgrano celebrated the unlikely draw and Gimnasia were left to rue their attacking defficiencies. Belgrano didn't play well but were able to stop a losing streak and gather optimism for the next match against Godoy Cruz.