Belgrano 3 - 2 Godoy Cruz

Belgrano defeated Godoy Cruz in an exciting match that could have gone either way. Belgrano scored in quick sucession in the second half and put themselves ahead 3-1. Moments later, Caceres (B) was sent off and Belgrano were pushed all the way by Godoy Cruz who took advantage of the extra man. In the end, Belgrano were able to cling on to the lead even when Godoy Cruz scored a late goal. When the referee blew the final whistle, the stadium burst in joy and the celebrations started. Belgrano had obtained their first win in this tournament and one that will surely count in later stages when relegation is decided. Yllana, Rios and Donnet (pictured) were the goalscorers for Belgrano while Torresi and Miranda scored for Godoy Cruz.

Man of the match: Matias Donnet
Attendance: 35.000