Belgrano 3 - 2 Godoy Cruz - LIVE UPDATES

94': Final whistle. Belgrano win 3-2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17.50: All set for kick-off. A full-house and a great atmosphere for this huge match.

17.55: Our support is fantastic: almost bottom of the league and yet we packed the stadium. Un-freaking-believable!!!

17.59: Teams ready to come out into the pitch.

18.01: Terrific. Amazing. Awesome. Unbelievable. Speechles. Belgrano were received by their fans in spectacular fashion.

18.05 The match starts.

3': Both teams hustle it out in the midfield. Rios (B) shoots but misses.
5': Belgrano controls the ball.
7': Cross from Oyola (B). Misses the goal by a mile.
8': Godoy Cruz counterattack but the danger is cleared. Belgrano bent on attack.
10': Herbella (G) with a last-ditch tackle on Rios (B)
12': Corner to Belgrano.
13': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLL!!! Yllana scores for Belgrano.
16': Party in the stands. Belgrano are winning and playing well.
17': Delgado (B) heads just above the woodwork
20': Godoy Cruz try to find the equalizer
23': Belgrano in control. The ball passes through the midfielders.
25': The Belgrano defenders are looking solid
26': Arzuaga (G) shoots wide. Godoy Cruz are playing better
28': Caceres (B) clears the danger. Corner to Godoy Cruz
31': Arzuaga (G) dives and...where's the yellow card??? Come on ref!
34': Martinez (B) is booked
36': Good counterattack by Belgrano cleared by Godoy Cruz defenders
38': GOAL. Torresi scores for Godoy Cruz.
42': Corner to Belgrano. Cleared by defenders.
44': Torresi (G) misses a sitter. Godoy Cruz playing better at the moment
46': Half-time whistle. Good match so far.